What people are saying about Josh Gonzales

Josh Gonzales

“The recipe for any successful live show includes a combination of class, talent, confidence and even a few witty covers to engage the audience. These are all ingredients possessed by Josh Gonzales and his extremely gifted band. Simply a live show you just can’t miss. No diggity, no doubt about it!” – Taron Cochrane, TCE

“Josh is such a talent! He is a complete professional, and his performance on the show was definitely top notch. He’s got a great voice and his musical talent is easy to appreciate.” – Jamie Fischer, CTV Morning Live Regina

“Josh Gonzales gives a live show you just can’t miss! His smooth voice and sweet grooves will keep you on the dance floor all night! Surprise cover songs will keep your inner child smiling in delight!”

– Christopher Mercer, MusicReginaLive.ca