IMG_0414Josh Gonzales is a Filipino singer-songwriter raised and currently based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. His music is emotive yet breezy, a brand Josh calls soul-folk-pop. The music takes on a slight Hawaiian/Polynesian feel with lilting guitars, light percussion, throbbing keyboards, and galloping rhythms with vocals reminiscent of a combination between Bill Withers and John Mayer. Josh paints a picture of heartwarming honesty and incredible vulnerability, using his musical experience to poignantly showcase his eclectic, creative, and penetrating spirit and work ethic. The result is music that lasts, containing beautiful sounds, melodies, and harmonies that are incredibly catchy and worthy of repeated listens.

Josh released his first full length album –¬†When She Smiles – with his songwriting partner/guitarist Thomas St. Onge, in April 2015. He’s added the musical experience of Jon Fearnside on bass and Cyprian Henry on drums to craft a killer live experience you will never forget.